Michael Chrisman's unique perspective on our cities and how we live has the potential to reveal so much about ourselves. He bridges the concepts of "taking a photograph" with "making a photograph" creating technical, polished visions of our everyday spaces. His near refusal to photograph anyone individually, instead showing us who we are by our surroundings and how we fit into our world makes each empty room or over-filled alleyway that much more personal. There can be interest and often beauty everywhere we look. It just needs to be given the importance to be shown as such.

Where Michael's everyday photos present our world bare for us to examine, his special projects find ways to reveal our world in ways we could never see. Using purpose built cameras and custom rigs he manipulates time, compressing hours, days, or even years into a single image. Visually arresting in their own right, these images are more contemplative in nature. The addition of a time element begs you to slow down and actually think about time; how you spend yours, and often and who you share it with.